Tax Justice, Reagan 1981 Tax Act and African Colonialism

Krishen Mehta speaks about Tax Injustice and how it hurts both developed and developing countries. He explains the 1981 Tax Reform Act and how it has had the effect of draining the wealth from developing nations, with the United States effectively becoming a tax haven for the elite.

Book Launch: Tax Justice and Global Inequality

Krishen Mehta, Erika Siu, Tina Søreide (NHH) and Astrid Haas (ISG) in conversation with Bjørn Enge Bertelsen (GRIP).

"Tax Justice as a Pathway to Social Justice"

Krishen Mehta addresses issues of tax justice and tax heavens at the salon.

International Tax Reform to Pay for Covid-19

With 150 participants from ten countries, this talk addresses tax justice and the need for tax reforms during this critical time. It questions the role for a World Tax Authority or the UN as we go forward rather than relying entirely on the OECD.

Private Actors and the Public Purse- NYU School of Law

Mr Mehta moderated a panel on the topic of how Corporations hide assets to avoid or minimize taxes paid on the benefits they reap from operating in various jurisdictions. It was held at NYU Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice


The Panama Papers: Institute for Current World Affairs

Krishen Mehta explains how $30 trillion in illicit capital flows to secret jurisdictions keep poor countries mired in poverty and increase global insecurity for everyone. This speech was a part of the keynote address at ICWA’s annual Spring meeting.


Taxsutra : TP Minds Asia 2015

Krishen introduces himself and his work and argues for why MNCs should pay their fair share of taxes.

Can Developing Countries Attract Investment and Still Get a Fair Deal on Tax Justice?

Krishen Mehta explains how developing countries can attain tax justice and be on equal playing field with MNCs while still attracting foreign investment. 


Mining for Gold: Fairer Taxes for Natural Riches

How can developing countries obtain more tax revenue from MNCs? Panelists discuss at a High Level Symposium about fairness in Taxing Multinationals and Extractive Industries.

New York Society for Ethical Culture- Tax and Social Justice

How is tax policy related to social justice? An explanation on how MNCs avoid paying taxes in countries like the US and the UK and cause society to suffer.

The Impossible Dream : PriceWaterCooper

Krishen Mehta discusses the importance of pursuing impossible dreams at a PriceWaterCooper event.