Asia Initiative’s collaboration with Save Indian Farmers (SIF) and Deendayal Trust is enacting self sustainable change in the lives of 30 farmers and their families in the village of BoriSinh.  The villagers are committed to AI’s SoCCs program, which promotes participation in various social initiatives such as monthly meetings, cleaning common areas, women’s health clinics, and daily after school programs for youth, among others.  The SoCCs earned from such participation can then be redeemed for 25% of the value of a buffalo, which the farmers utilize for the development of small milk businesses.  This entrepreneurship provides families with a dependable, non-farming income.  As this region experiences unpredictable seasons of monsoon and drought, the project also empowers villagers to build check dams on the local canal to guarantee a year-round water supply.  This serves as a sustainable improvement due to the resulting rise of water tables in the surrounding area, as well as the ability of farmers to harvest additional crops from the same land.

You can view some of our photos from the project here:

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