Thanks to a generous grant from PepsiCo Foundation, we teamed up with the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) to identify the needs of the community of Ahmedabad in India, and to implement a SoCCs project for improvement.  This area was previously characterized by widespread viral and water borne diseases, a lack of awareness regarding cleanliness and hygiene, and a significant percentage of children not attending school or any type of educational instruction.  To combat all of this, program participants earn SoCCs for waste management, attending medical camp, and sending school-aged children to classes if they had not previously been attending school.  SoCCs are then redeemed for organic groceries, stationery supplies, and home improvement materials.  As a result of the SoCCs program in Ahmedabad, the local government has noticed improvements in the appearance of the neighborhood and is now supporting the initiative.  In addition, members of surrounding communities are also observing the benefits of the SoCCs program and have showed interest in joining.

Click here for photos from our project:



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